International Young Leaders Network

From the website:

We seek to identify, nurture, sustain and train young and emerging leaders aged 18 to 33 from any part of the world and all Christian denominations. The ethos of IYLN cherishes a combination of prayer, community, study and open search for truth. It seeks inspiration from those who have been able to combine social judgement with these attributes such as Fr Georges Pire OP (Nobel Prize Winner), Bartolome De Las Casas OP (human rights campaigner) and St Catherine of Siena OP (mystic and advisor to those in government and leadership positions).

IYLN centres around two intensive one week residential events. In recent times these have been held in Cambridge, Romania, and Holland. Upcoming events will be in Rome (w/c 28th June 09), Budapest (w/c 5th July 09) and Oxford (w/c 19th March 2010) and subsequently in North America and Sydney. We are now keen to solicit nominations and applications from every global continent.

From May 2009 once you are accepted we will agree a learning covenant with you which enables you to set personal goals and us to tailor-make support and challenge for you. You will also gain full access to a secure web area where you can debate with your e-mentor, gain access to readings and dialogue with our network memebrs and alumni across the world.

Please note that while occasionally we offer Global Intern opportunities IYLN is not an internship programme. We recognise that young people today need flexible support and leadership development which can be combined with work, study and other commitments.

From the academic year 2008-09 the intensive study weeks in each academic year will be held in June/Jult, occasionally in September and at Easter. In 2010 we invite you to a special Israel/Bethlehem study tour for a special two week event. From time to time we also organise “one off” events which are optional but to which you will be invited.

Each week combines study, community, prayer and an intensive practical project. It also gives you the opportunity to spend one intensive hour in each week with a mentor to discuss personal and vocational questions to you. Our speakers are outstanding and a key part of our process is to encourage them to stay on after their sessions to speak with participants. To date contributors have included newspaper editors and Cabinet Ministers, world class academics and entrepreneurs, Ambassadors and NGO leaders.

Another key part of the IYLN experience is the cross-sectoral nature of the group. We do not want to put you in a room with people that you know will agree with you on every matter. We consciously seek to put together diverse groups in terms of national background, professional experience, theological and ecumenical preferences and future plans. So, from Eastern Europe to Australia, Africa to South Asia and the UK to North America and mainland Western Europe we have attracted participants who were working in business and the law, studying, active in the social care and NGO sector or who are teachers or prospective politicians. While aimed at lay people we have also enjoyed contributions from those considering or training for ministry or ordination in the Christian Churches. This rich weave of relationships reflects our Dominican ethos which encourages debate and reflection grounded in a commitment to serious community and character building.

Once you are in the programme we will also work with you on particular projects that you may have: This could include a planned study tour, accessing work placements , funding challenges and so on. We agree to help on these on a case by case basis when you raise them with us , but also strongly encourage “scholars” to offer each other mutual support.

As a member of IYLN you will receive occasional updates and access to on-line learning resources to help you develop further knowledge skills geared to study, community, and practice. These include a number of special websites of spiritual reflection and resources such as the GodsDogz site. You also automatically become linked to Blackfriars Hall who will circulate you with information of all their activities at home and abroad.

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