Interreligious Sexuality Discussion Group

Rockefeller Chapel is hosting an interreligious discussion group on the intersections of religion and sexuality entitled “On Sexuality: Interreligious Conversations.” The group will meet from 4:30-6:00 PM in the Uncommon Room (019) of the chapel on Mondays in February and April. We are looking for an intentionally small group of students from a variety of religious backgrounds (or even no religious background) to participate.

Each of our discussions will focus on a specific topic related to the intersections of religion and sexuality. Participants will be invited to engage these topics from the vantage point of “What do these questions about sexuality mean in diverse religious and spiritual contexts?” Participants will be encouraged to express their own ideas and to engage with other’s answers. Specific topics will include Dating, Marriage, and Singlehood, Sex Education, Sexual Violence, and LGBTQ people.

Our discussion seeks to foster dialogue as opposed to giving answers or creating debate. We hope that participants will commit to attending all eight sessions, the first of which will be a general session to set the tone for future conversation.

Please consider to coming to our first session on Monday, February 1 at 4:30 with food provided. Feel free to invite anyone else you know who may be interested (or send us their contact information). And do not hesitate to contact Jimmy Hoke ( or Shannon Copp ( if you have any questions.

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