Rafael Suarez in Anglican Advance

Our own Rafael Suarez was featured and quoted in Anglican Advance’s article about the Diocesan Convention. You can check the issue out here.

“In his response, Rafael Suarez of Brent House campus ministry emphasized the need for face to face dialogue and interaction, in lieu of email and social media tools. People want to be challenged about their spirituality, he said, and one of the strengths of the Episcopal Church is engaging people in thoughtful conversation and debate. Suarez also urged the clergy and delegates to engage in direct ministry, and focus outreach closer to home. While he has been on mission trips to Appalachia and South America, and found those rewarding, he realizes that the cost involved can limit the effectiveness of outreach. ‘It’s really terrible when you see what other parts of the globe are facing, but have you seen the South Side?’ he asked. ‘I walk down the block and I see empty lots and boarded up buildings. I see kids who don’t know how to read. This is a crisis in our backyard.'”

Rafael Suarez:



“As someone who grew up in this age, I really hate gizmos and gadgets and technology. Got it coming out of my ears. So what I really think what we should do is connect face to face. Bring back sitting down to dinner with people.”

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