Men’s Group: “Objects of Desire”?

What is the line between fervent passion and callous objectification? We have no idea. Well, we have three ideas. We need more. Come help us navigate what it means to be a man in the era of #MeToo.

(This is one of a series of conversations for the men of the Brent House community, exploring ways for men to do their part to dismantle misogyny and toxic masculinity.)

We’ll post links here to articles, videos, etc. to help get the conversation started:
1) From Raja Halwani, professor of philosophy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is the author of Philosophy of Love, Sex and Marriage (2010):
2) Rowan Williams’ profound reflection on sex, desire, and grace:
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  1. Paxton Murphy says:

    Will Trans Men be allowed to attend this Men’s Group Event?

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