I’m Graduating… Now What?

IMG_3536Vocational Discernment

Brent House’s mission is, in part,

to challenge the next generation of leaders of the church and nation to discern and act upon the religious and ethical dimensions of their vocations.

All Christians have a vocation: some are called to God’s work as laypeople, while some of us are called to the priesthood or the diaconate. If you’re a college student and you’re still involved in church, you’ve probably thought about or had someone talk to you about becoming a priest or deacon. This is a time when these questions become stronger and clearer for many young adults.

Obviously the first part of discerning a call–lay or ordained–is talking to God: praying, listening, and reflecting. The Book of Common Prayer, as with many other things, is where we express what we believe about Christian vocation. You might start with the services for baptism and confirmation, which lay out what the ministry of all Christians is. The ordination services describe the ministries of a priest or deacon.

Volunteer and Internship Programs

As graduation approaches, questions loom about jobs and vocation:  what does God want me to do?  what do I want to do? how do I put all that I’ve learned into practice?

The Episcopal Church offers a number of volunteer and internship programs, both domestic and abroad that allow you to do some good in the world, learn more about yourself, others and God, and maybe get some clarity about your future.  These include

  • The Young Adult Service Corps places young adults in mission assignments around the world for 1-2 year periods.  (For a first-hand view of this work, see our “Alums” page under “Reflections” for some of Brent House alumnus Jesse Zink’s experiences–or go directly to his blog.)
  • The Episcopal Service Corps is a network of programs in the United States that offer the opportunity to work for justice and live in Christian community.

Ordained ministry?

Brent House has nurtured many members of the community into ordained ministry. If you are considering a call to the diaconate or priesthood, want more guidance, or are just curious, Stacy is happy to talk to you about it.


Stacy with MA and BA graduates in 2016