Tips for Being a Christian UChicago Student

Some suggestions from current and former students.

  • Pray and sleep.
  • Find a religious community of some kind–a campus ministry, a bible study group, a circle of friends, a parish.
  • Remember the real reason you came: God made you do it.
  • Find ways of reminding yourself that the work you do is for God: light a candle or pray before you study to help focus and direct your efforts.
  • Avail yourself of the rich religious traditions in our community; attend organ-led services at Rockefeller, Lutheran services at Augustana, Episcopal evening prayer at Brent House, dorm community Bible study with InterVarsity…and so many more!
  • Learn about other religious traditions too. Interfaith Dialogue leads trips each quarter. Many of the religious groups on campus welcome visitors.
  • Find a sanctuary, both spatial and temporal.  Find a regular time and place to be alone with God, leaving other people and your homework at the door.
  • Remember, talking to people who are not religious does not need to be an argument or a battle. It’s a chance to share and learn from each other.
  • Keep in mind that you may not fit most people’s perception of a Christian. Think about it as a chance to invite people to revisit preconceived notions.