Tips for Being a UChicago Student

Some suggestions from current and former students:

  • Sleep.
  • Don’t compare your academic performance to other people. You have to find your own place and concentrating on others will only slow down and frustrate the process for you.
  • You don’t have to do everything!
  • Chase geese.
  • Keep sight of the reasons you came. Look up at trees and the Gothic buildings, remember you do in fact enjoy and value learning, but that learning also happens in cooking with friends, exploring the city, and communicating with your roommate entirely in sound effects.
  • The squirrels will come if you click your tongue–this is a great amusement.
  • Swim in the lake.
  • Explore the rest of the city. There’s a lot more than just Hyde Park. Study downtown. Go to a museum. Eat out. Make friends who live in the city.
  • Embrace wacky winter clothing.
  • Find a community where people will know and love and support you–a group of people whom you can ask for help from, admit problems to, and share successes with.
  • Do things that you’ve never done before. Accidentally and on purpose.