When You Need Someone to Talk To

Sometimes things aren’t going quite as you’d like and you need someone to talk to.

Our chaplain, Stacy, is also always available if you want to talk to a priest, or just want to talk to a grown-up. You should definitely let her know if there is a death or illness in your family, if you are dealing with a spiritual, identity, or other type of crisis, or if some big hairy question is keeping you up at night.


The peer ministers and interns are also always there to talk. They are all students, just like you, and have probably dealt with many of the same things you have–stress about homework and grades, friends who have disappointed, romantic entanglements, or parents who don’t quite seem to get it.

Finally, our canine minister, Midnight, and feline minister, Licorice, are available upon request for those times when you just need a warm, furry hug.

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