Who We Are

Brent House is the home of the college’s Episcopal Campus Ministry – a large, comfortable, and historic house located just blocks from the main quads. We are the metaphorical home of students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are seeking to grow in their lives with God. Housing a cozy basement chapel, a spacious kitchen, ample room to lounge around, and a small residential graduate student community, we welcome a great variety of people, from those who have found a spiritual home with us to those who simply come in search of our famous (and typically Episcopalian) ministry of hospitality and food. In all aspects of the time we spend together at Brent House, we are constantly aware of the presence and strength of this affirming and nurturing community that surrounds us.




Being University of Chicago Episcopalians, we could go on and on about the birth of our religion, but you don’t want to hear it, so here’s the short version: Once upon a time, King Henry VIII of England decided he didn’t want to be married to his wife anymore. Thus, in place of sons, the Anglican Church was born.

Fast forward about five hundred years. The Episcopal Church of America, the United States’ version of Anglicanism, has come a very long way, and today Episcopalians, their practice rooted strongly in traditional Anglican ritual, are (in)famous for their strong commitment to issues of social justice and personal spirituality. Typical Episcopalians enjoy drinking tea, going to protests, reading the Book of Common Prayer, spontaneously singing choruses of “Hail Thee Festival Day” and other marvelous hymns, and just generally being Anglophiles, but they are also equally committed to looking carefully for the work of God in their own lives and the lives of others. Being at the University of Chicago, we value deeply the Life of the Mind and are committed to integrating the intellect with the heart, soul, and body. The Episcopal community at Brent House is just that, a group of students who are as committed to what inspires and/or frustrates them in their studies and in the world as they are to developing their own spiritual lives in relationship with others on similar journeys.

Despite (or because of) our strong traditional Anglicanism, we are open and welcoming to all people from whatever religious or faith traditions (or lack thereof) who wish to join with us in our worship and celebration of God. Finally, we are always excited to meet new people and to join in community with them! The Episcopal Church Welcomes You – we really mean it!


Several of Brent House’s (of age!) constituents and Bishop Jeffrey Lee, enjoying an evening at Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap.