The Wider Church

Brent House is a mission within the Diocese of Chicago, which includes 127 congregations, as well as a number of missions and charities, all in Northern Ilinois. The Diocese is led by a Bishop Diocesan, the Rt. Rev. Jeff Lee, and an Assisting Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Victor Scantlebury, who govern along with the annual Diocesan Convention.

The Diocese of Chicago is one of 110 Dioceses in The Episcopal Church which includes all of the United States as well as Anglican Churches in parts of the Caribbean and Latin America, Europe, and Taiwan–16 countries in all. The Episcopal Church is led by the Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, who governs along with the House of Bishops and the triennial General Convention.

The Episcopal Church has Young Adult and Campus Ministries, which convenes conferences, advocates for young adults and shares pertinent information.  This includes a monthly e-newsletter, Broadcast, a monthly update for young adults, students, young adult ministers & campus chaplains in the Episcopal Church. In each issue you will find stories from across the country of successes, frustrations, ideas & innovations in young adult & campus ministry, as well as reflections, job/internship notices, and news.

The Episcopal Church is a part of the Anglican Communion, a communion of 44 churches around the world. The Anglican Communion is lead by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby.


Here are some other links you might find edifying:

Episcopal Cafe:  Here you can find blogs, news, opinions, and resources from a variety of points of view.

11 Things I Love About the Episcopal Church: A blog post that neatly sums up why we believe what we believe, and how we celebrate it.

Half-Full of Grace: A blog post by Dorothy Fortenberry about why she goes to church.

Thinking Anglicans:  A site that tracks issues and controversies from all over the Anglican Communion from a generally progressive point of view.

Dirty Sexy Ministry:  Their own words say it all:  “Two priests, with a feminine outlook on the world. After all, celebrating the Eucharist with a slipping bra strap adds perspective.”

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