What To Expect

Brent House is welcoming and affirming of everyone while maintaining a strong Episcopal identity.

On Sunday evenings we celebrate Eucharist (aka Holy Communion), complete with music. We generally use the Book of Common Prayer supplemented by other worship resources. Students serve as readers and frequently preach. After Eucharist, we all enjoy dinner together, usually prepared by a student volunteer. Some students leave shortly thereafter because of the pressures of studying or other commitments, but many of us will stay and enjoy each other’s fellowship for over an hour. At the end of the evening, everyone pitches in to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes. Anyone is welcome on Sundays.


Students come and go from the house throughout the afternoon on Wednesdays, as their schedules allow. There are always hot drinks available and often someone bakes a treat. Around six o’clock, many students will go down to the chapel for evening prayer, and then everyone shares dinner, again prepared by a student volunteer. After dinner, there is usually a structured program of some sort: Bible study, a discussion, or a movie night. Wednesday, also known as Brentsday, attracts a diverse group of students, a large number of whom worship elsewhere on the weekends, but enjoy our community and the discussions that we have.